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Are you a product company struggling to implement quality control into your supply chain?

Snowmelt provides a standardized quality control (QC) document for each of your products that captures:

  • The intended functionality of the item

  • What it should look like

  • Assembly instructions

  • Inspection directions

  • Packaging details

  • Any needed certifications or shipping needs

Once your quality control sheets are generated within Snowmelt, you can easily share these with your factory to ensure they understand the correct production of your product. Industry experts with over 30 years of supply chain consulting experience created this app with ease of use in mind.

Tip: Have your factory sign the documents created within Snowmelt to serve as an agreement before production in case of product defects creating leverage for compensation or a future credit.

Are you a product company trying to get accurate quotes on a new product?

Create a spec sheet for your product within Snowmelt and then use it to shop around for quotes from different factories. This guarantees that each factory is quoting against the exact same comprehensive list of product information ensuring accurate quotes and correct product information down to the packaging. Is there a language barrier? These forms will help prevent miscommunications during the quoting process.

Are you a product company attempting to get compensated by your factory for bad production or a late shipment?

Snowmelt generates a purchase order template with customizable protective clauses at the bottom of the agreement. Input the quantity you are ordering, the name of your item and the cost, and use this template as your next order form with your factory to better protect your business from production mistakes and shipping delays!

Implement quality control, accurate quotes and prevent production mistakes and delays by downloading Snowmelt today.

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