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Eliminate Product Defects. Avoid Delays. Automate Quality Control.

  • Gain visibility and control of your product specifications
  • Build a resilient supply chain
  • Implement quality control

"As a candlemaker, we are constantly working to keep our quality consistent. With the added supply chain shortages happening today, a tool like Snowmelt is a valuable resource when sourcing with new vendors."

MichaelAnnapolis Candle

How it Works

Define your Product

Create a database of key details for every product you manufacture while staying organized with easy to read templates. Label your product details, develop custom templates and share across teams and partners to avoid miscommunication.

Build Specification Sheets

Capture key product details with photos of your products’ components including measurements, color, labels, packaging details and stickers. Specify your shipping preferences and instructions for every production run ensuring your product is on time and on spec.

Protect your Business

Implement quality control best practices, avoid shipping miscommunications, manufacturing errors, and delays with protection clauses and custom order templates.

Quality Control in the Palm of your Hand

Get Snowmelt

Why Snowmelt?

Snowmelt puts you in the driver’s seat by giving you visibility and control of your manufacturing specifications and opening the path to a resilient and redundant supply chain. From product development ideas to substantiated items that are core to your business, Snowmelt provides consumer product-based businesses with a custom specification sheet to serve as a blueprint for factory production and as a standardized document for quote shopping.

Meet Snowmelt

Have you ever been disappointed in the quality of a production run or have found it hard to convey a product idea accurately? We’ve been there too.

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How does Snowmelt solve Supply Chain challenges?

Are you a product company struggling to implement quality control into your supply chain?

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What are the benefits of Snowmelt’s Quality Control Spec Sheets?

Does your business have a full-time quality control employee? Do you ask your factory or manufacturer to sign an agreement to ensure correct production of your products? 

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Snowmelt can help keep our suppliers honest and protect us from manufacturing problems and supply chain hiccups - something that is vitally important to us as a product led brand. Creating a quality product is our number one priority, and Snowmelt is a great tool to ensure that we keep delivering on our brand promise.

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