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What is component testing?

Component testing is quality assurance testing that’s conducted on an individual component of your product, prior to final assembly of a product.

Why implement?

Don’t want to build the same thing twice? Component testing can save you time and money by identifying any defects or issues within the individual components of your product, before those components are assembled into a final product.

  • Avoid product rework by validating components before they are fabricated into final consumer goods

  • Save time by identifying issues early in the supply chain

  • Save money by avoiding rework of final products

  • Eliminate duplication of testing across multiple final products that share components

What types of tests work well for component testing?

Examples include:

  • Material quality tests, such as content analysis or material strength testing

  • Testing for banned substances such as lead, cadmium, phthalates, or flame retardants

  • Environmental exposure tests such as humidity, salt corrosion or extreme temperature testing

Are there test types for which component testing is not a good fit?

  • Functional Use Testing, or any type of test that validates the functionality of the end product
  • Impact or drop testing, to validate whether a product holds its integrity after being impacted or dropped

  • Any testing that validates the safety of an electrical system

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