Like any retail business, operating a successful clothing store comes with its challenges, especially as it relates to the demands of maintaining and managing stock.

E-commerce is now an essential part of many product businesses’ sales planning. Of course, when you’re selling online, demand can increase quickly, and you often need to be flexible enough to follow consumer trends.

eBay is one of the longest-running online marketplaces, with thousands of businesses finding success running a store on the platform. If you’ve been thinking about starting an e-commerce store

Amazon is an incredible platform for selling your business’s products, and using the FBA model is the best way to do so — though we know many businesses using other fulfillment services while still reporting great Amazon sales results.

Restaurants and other food and beverage companies may be in desperate need of a business loan. Whether you need to improve cash flow or finance inventory, we have creative financing solutions that you should explore.

Growing companies often report that funding inventory as one of their biggest struggles. Not just because paying for a manufacturing run is one of the biggest expenses a growing CPG brand will incur

Nail salons can expand growth potential and take advantage of every opportunity by using inventory and equipment financing and business loans.

Newegg provides online sellers a competitive marketplace with world class logistics. In addition, Newegg offers sellers inventory financing and efficient fulfillment assistance services.

Regardless of where, what and how you sell, maintaining positive cash flow remains the critical element for survival in brands of all sizes. Well managed finances and positive cash flow allow your company to grow faster

Shopify is best known for providing businesses with an eCommerce platform that’s easy to use and that provides an exhaustive toolbox to help online sellers with almost every single thing they’ll need to grow their stores.

You’ve got a great idea for a product, you’ve sourced a wholesaler, and you’re all ready to go… but you lack the finance to put in the order. What do you do? All startups face the problem of finding the initial investment that will let their project fly.

Walmart invites third party retailers to join their massive marketplace with over 90 million shoppers each month. Becoming a Walmart seller can increase demand causing business owners to look for Walmart financing options.

Warehouse financing is a form of financing option where businesses take out loans that use existing goods stored in their warehouses as collateral backing. Not to be confused with warehouse lending, warehouse financing allows borrowers to leverage their inventory in the hopes of securing a loan with great payment terms.

Wholesale orders represent a great step forward for your business. One of the challenges businesses face as they add wholesale orders is funding the ordered inventory before the revenue from that inventory lands.

Regardless of the size of a business, cash flow management is and always will be an important aspect of a business’s entire operation. Without proper cash flow management, businesses may find it difficult to cover recurring expenses and pay suppliers for the production of goods.

Are you a cosmetic store or beauty salon looking to obtain financing? Even the most successful of salons can reach a time when extra financing is needed. From updating your point of sale system to opening a new location, cosmetic and beauty financing can help you reach your next set of business goals.

When you go to the store or shop online for your favorite CBD products, whether they are CBD edibles, oils, or even CBD chewables for your dog, you may not realize all the different types of businesses that help bring CBD products to market.

If you’ve taken your love for pets to the next level and opened your own pet store, there might come a time when you need pet store financing. Pet store loans can be used for almost any reason, it can help you expand, update your equipment, and make sure you’ve covered any overhead costs.

Whether you’re a small family operation or a larger scale business, there can come a time when it’s necessary to look into retail business loans. From expanding the number of employees to renovations and disaster repair, the need for extra funds isn’t uncommon.

The fitness industry is booming. We are seeing a demand for products such as motorized scooters and bicycles and other sporting goods equipment that can be used in your everyday life.

If you are looking to grow your business, revenue based financing is a terrific option. It provides you with the funding you need quickly and easily, and it does not require giving up equity or collateral. This article will discuss what’s involved with revenue based financing so you can decide if it’s the right step for your business.

Do you need to finance exercise equipment to resell? Whether you have a store-front or online business, you can access affordable inventory funding for exercise equipment. With the current pandemic dragging on, many individuals have shifted their lifestyle.

Skin care business financing can help you share your passion with others while keeping their skin looking and feeling healthy. Glowing, healthy looking skin plays a vital role in a person’s overall appearance and general wellbeing.

Technology is a lucrative, yet competitive and expensive industry to compete in, thus increasing the need for technology business financing. From innovating new products to stocking inventory and advertising, there are plenty of expenses you will need to cover.

Fashion accessories entrepreneurs can bring in a considerable profit launching a fashion accessory company. But not everyone will have the financing to get their company off the ground or take it to the next level. Fortunately, fashion accessory financing is available.

Fragrance business financing may be necessary in growing your business. Whether you need financing for research and development, operating costs, equipment, or inventory, there are different types of financing to choose from. First determine what you need financing for.

As a hair care business, you have the opportunity to enhance someone’s life by boosting their confidence. Whether you sell products such as straighteners or curlers or products such as shampoo, conditioner, protectant spray, and more, you may need financing to stock inventory.

Bringing the dream of your home decor brand to life often requires financing. As a new or small business, you may be struggling to qualify and find affordable financing. If so, keep reading to discover how to secure affordable home decor brand financing.

A supplier is a person or organization that provides products or services which are typically sold wholesale. If the company offers a product that’s in demand, they can end up with a very lucrative business on their hands. But to be a successful supplier, you will need to get inventory and a space to work out of as well as hire a staff.