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Inventory Funding

for Distributors

Get funding for 100% of your inventory at best in market rates without taking on debt or giving up equity. Don’t pay until you sell.

Kickfurther puts you in control of your business. Eliminate stockouts, keep up with demand, and move into growth mode.

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How does Kickfurther work?

Distributors and Just-In-Time Fulfillment businesses face outsized pressure to maintain inventory levels to rapidly respond to client orders. Kickfurther works with a number of these businesses to eliminate the cash flow gap between paying for inventory up front and when they will later receive payment from their clients. We pay for your inventory up front and you pay back later after receiving payment from your customers.

With Kickfurther, you ensure you keep products in stock without sacrificing your cash flow by locking it up in inventory orders that sit in your warehouse.

Grow Further with Kickfurther Funding

Higher Limits

It’s simple — you access more capital with Kickfurther. Limits grow alongside you.

Bridge the Cash Flow Gap

Eliminate the gap between buying and selling your products to retailers. Create a custom payment schedule based on when the goods get sold back to the retailer you’re selling to.

Off Balance Sheet

Kickfurther doesn’t appear as a debt or liability on your balance sheet.

Never Miss Out

Keep up with demand and maintain inventory levels to satisfy the needs of your retail customers and scale.

A Distributor Success Story

Who We Fund

CPG Brands

US Based

At least $400,000 in Revenue


Buy and Sell More Inventory

Before Even Paying For It


Lower cost than many options, often by 10-30%


Pay back as you sell: No more cash pinch while waiting for payments from retailers


Faster, cash-flow optimized growth for Distributors

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