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Does your business have a full-time quality control employee? Do you ask your factory or manufacturer to sign an agreement to ensure correct production of your products? Chances are you answered no to both questions which creates the possibility of a poorly produced product or a sudden raise in price mid-production. This is where Snowmelt comes in.

Capture Key Information

By using the app, you can capture key information about your product down to the graphics and packaging. Snowmelt creates a mobile friendly shareable document to serve as an agreement between you and the factory you chose to produce the item.

Protect your Business

Ask your factory to sign the documents created within Snowmelt so that they are more inclined to pay attention to what you need. That way, in case your items are not produced correctly, you have some leverage against the manufacturer.

For example – do you want a specific type of leather in your leather wallets? With Snowmelt you can specify the leather quality and leather color. Make sure your factory is quoting you at the type of leather that you want and not whatever leather they have leftover from last year!

Get Accurate Quotes

With Snowmelt, you can use the spec sheets during the product development and quoting stage of a new product. Use the app to capture what you are seeking in your new item and use the sheets Snowmelt generates to get accurate quotes. That way, each manufacturer you get a quote from is quoting exactly what you asked for and against the same sheet of information. This makes the factory selection process easily comparable and stress free.

Don’t have the capital to hire a full time production specialist and quality control employee? Use Snowmelt instead. Snowmelt is a fraction of the cost of an employee and can function as an extension of your business. Download Snowmelt today.

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