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Skin Care Business Financing

Skin Care business funding as low as 1% per month

Kickfurther funds up to 100% of your inventory costs at flexible payment terms so you don’t pay until you sell. Fund your entire order(s) on Kickfurther each time you need more inventory so you can put your existing capital to work growing your skin care business without adding debt or giving up equity.

  • Often 30% lower cost than alternate lenders & factors
  • Quickly fund $5,000,000+ in inventory
  • Create a custom payment schedule (1-10 months)
  • Fund inventory with no payments until revenue lands


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Why choose Kickfurther for Skin Care Financing ?

Inventory Funding

Don’t pay until
you sell.

Your payment obligation only begins once your sales are made. This alleviates the cash-flow pinch that lenders cause without customized repayment schedules. Free up capital to invest in scaling your business without impeding your ability to maintain inventory
Market Pricing

30% lower cost

Know your rates. When you compare ours, you’ll often see that you’re saving. We cost less than factoring, PO financing, and many lenders. We also have higher limits than competitors.

Pay Suppliers Directly

Fund up to $5 million
in an hour.

Once approved and the deal goes live, most deals fund within a day (often within minutes to hours), so you’ll never miss another growth opportunity.

Fund Inventory

It’s easy, it works, &
it grows with you.

Companies access higher funding limits and often get lower rates as they return to Kickfurther, creating a scalable solution that grows alongside your company.

“Tough Times Call For Creative Funding — Check Out
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How to Fund Your Skincare Business

Skin Care Business Financing

What is skin care business financing?

Skin care business financing is a type of loan that can be used to fund just about any business-related expenses. The money can be put towards inventory, renovations, staffing and more. It must be paid back with interest over time. Certain types of loans may be designed for financing certain business operations. You will need to determine what you need funding for to choose the appropriate financing. If you need funds for inventory you may want to consider alternative funding sources. Traditional methods may be expensive and hard to qualify for. A little later on we will discuss how to obtain affordable inventory funding.

How does skin care business financing work?

Skin care business financing may work differently depending on the type of loan you are applying for, but generally, the first step of the process will entail qualifying for the loan. The lender may want to check your business history and credit, or there may be other qualifiers involved.

Once the loan is approved the money will need to be paid back over time. A daily, weekly, or monthly payment schedule will be worked out. Sometimes a more flexible plan may be arranged.

Which type of skin care businesses require financing?

There are many types of skin care businesses that may require financing. These can include:

Skin Care Retailers: Skin care retailers are companies that sell skin care products to the public. They may sell one type of product or brand, or several types of brands and products.

Skin Care Manufacturers: Skin care manufacturers are companies that make skin care products. They may make one type of product, such as a moisturizer or exfoliant, or they may make several types of products. Most manufacturers will sell directly to companies, but some may open their own brick and mortar locations that are open to the public.

Spas: There are many spas that offer skin care services such as facials, peels, and procedures. In addition to providing services, they may also sell skin care products.

Moisturizer based businesses: Keeping skin moisturized is essential. Companies that specialize in skin moisture products may need financing for inventory or other business operations.

Body lotion companies: From scented to prescription body lotions, there are a variety of companies that specialize in body lotions. These companies can qualify for financing.

Eye cream and serum companies: Eye cream and serum companies may need financing to develop or stock products. Whether you sell products online or in-store, you can qualify for financing.

Common reasons skin care businesses apply for financing

There are many reasons why a business may apply for skin care business financing. These can include the following:

Inventory: A skin care retail outlet may sell a variety of products including serums, exfoliants, eye cream and more. They may need financing to purchase the inventory they sell.  

Marketing: Any company that wants to stay competitive will need to develop a strong marketing campaign. Funding for marketing may pay for a marketing team, marketing software, marketing materials such as postcards and business cards, advertising tools and more.

Research and Development: A skin care product manufacturer will need to do product and development to stay on the cutting edge of trends. Funding can be used to pay for a research staff and clinical studies.

Renovations and Upgrades: A skin care retail store needs a sleek and modern design. Funding may be required to come up with the initial design and for future renovations that make way for expansions and upgrades.

Staffing: Payroll is a major business expense. Skin care business financing can be used to pay a staff which may include a marketing team, sales rep, researchers, and administrative staff and more.

Pros and cons of skin care business financing

Skin care business financing comes with its share of pros and cons. These can include the following:


  • Provides Money to Get Your Business Off the Ground: Most entrepreneurs can not afford to fund their entire business. Skin care business financing provides you with the money you need to get started.
  • May Come with Business Advice: Some lenders that provide loans may offer sound advice on how to run your business.


  • Interest Rates: Loans come with interest rates, some higher than others. In any scenario, they will leave you paying back more than you borrowed.
  • Eligibility Requirements: Many lenders will not approve you for a loan unless you meet eligibility requirements such as a good credit score and reliable business history. Many businesses that are just starting out will not qualify based on this criterion. There are loans that may have different eligibility standards, but they typically come with higher interest rates.

Types of skin care business loans

There are many types of skin care business loans available. These can include the following:

Bank Loan: Many banks offer financing to help businesses get off the ground. However, they usually have strict eligibility requirements and can take a month or two to fund.

SBA: The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers funding for businesses. The terms are similar to that of a bank loan, but they are more forgiving if the business defaults.

LOC: Line of credit (LOC) loans allow businesses to borrow money as needed. Interest is charged as soon as the money is withdrawn. It can be paid back immediately or over time.

Cash Advance: A cash advance is similar to a credit card. Businesses can use the card to withdraw money up to a certain limit. The money will need to be paid back with interest.

Inventory Loans: An inventory loan is used to pay for supplies the company will sell. The inventory is used as collateral, so credit scores and business history are not as carefully considered. However, if the company defaults on the loan, they could lose their inventory. Inventory financing can be expensive. Luckily, there are more affordable alternatives, keep reading to learn more.

What type of financing is best for my skincare business?

Thankfully there’s a long list of financing for skincare businesses, some of which we’ve explored already. As for what type of financing is best, you’ll have to decide that. Ultimately it will come down to what your business needs and what it qualifies for. Here are some types of financing that you may want to consider. 

  • Business Term Loans
  • SBA Loans
  • Equipment Loans
  • Inventory Loans
  • Invoice Financing
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Commercial Vehicle Loans
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Microloans
  • Credit Cards
  • Crowdfunding
  • Angel Investing
  • Grants

When determining which type of financing is best, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What type of financing do you qualify for? 
  • What can you afford to repay?
  • What are you willing to spend to borrow money?
  • What will you be using the funds for?
  • Are there any ways to improve your credit score before applying?
  • How long do you need to repay the money?
  • How much money do you need to borrow

In most cases, a simple business term loan should suffice. They are relatively easy to obtain and can be used to cover everything from payroll costs to the purchase of new inventory and equipment. If you need to purchase equipment or inventory, specialized loans may be better. Each type of financing has its own pros and cons, and you should research the loan terms, interest rates, down payment requirements, underwriting process, and speed of approval for the type of financing you are considering. Always be patient and make educated business decisions.

What are the most profitable skincare services?

While all skincare services have the potential to become very profitable, there are some types of services and treatments that are known for being more lucrative than others.

Procedures that are popular, quick to perform, and don’t require much cost upfront are going to make your skincare business the most money. For example, Botox is a big money maker. It’s a fast service that must be reinjected every few months. Plus, it’s not cheap. 

The top in-demand skincare and esthetic treatments include facials, chemical peels, dermabrasion, micro needling, microblading, laser hair removal, and dermaplaning.

How fast is the skincare industry growing?

While the skincare industry is profitable, and growing, you’ll be up against lots of competition. Therefore, prepare to be an expert in the industry. Finding ways to differentiate your practice will give you an advantage. Lastly, treat people like they deserve. It will keep them and their friends coming back. 

The skincare industry has more of the beauty industry market share than hair care (22%) and cosmetics (18%) combined. The skincare industry encompasses everything from spas and salons to manufacturers and retailers.

Sales of skincare products also perform better than any other part of the beauty industry, with sales of skincare products in the U.S. growing by 13% in 2018 compared to 1% for cosmetics.

In the United States, skincare is expected to grow annually by 4.96% (CAGR 2022-2026).

Do I need to put money down when applying for a skincare business loan?

Whether or not you need to come up with a down payment will depend on the type of loan you are pursuing. Most of the time, you will not need to worry about putting money or collateral down for your business financing. Some exceptions include commercial real estate loans, equipment loans, most SBA loans and vehicle loans.

These loans typically require between 10-20% of the loan amount as a down payment. Down payments help reduce the risk to the lender, lower your monthly payments, and save you money on interest over the lifetime of the loan. Keep in mind that if you have poor credit, you will be more likely to have to pay a higher down payment to the lender.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking a simple business term loan, a down payment should not be required. Down payments are also not required for invoice financing, business lines of credit, and SBA microloans or disaster loans.

Can I obtain business financing for my skincare business with fair credit?

Skincare business owners with fair credit can still obtain financing. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a Prime credit score is considered to be a score in the 660-719 range. If you have fair credit, you most likely fall somewhere in the near-prime range of 620-659. This may limit your selection of lenders who are willing to work with you, and may slightly increase your interest rate, but it should not be a roadblock to you obtaining financing for your business. Another option is to use a cosigner with better credit on your application.

How much is the skincare industry worth?

Although it took a hit during the pandemic, the skincare industry is currently worth an estimated $163.5 billion and is projected to generate up to $177 billion in revenue by 2025. In the United States, the industry is expected to grow nearly 5% per year.

How can my skin care company obtain financing?

The means for obtaining financing will vary according to the type of loan you are getting and the lender you are working with. It’s advisable to find the loan and lender that’s right for you. He or she can take you through the steps on how to proceed. In some cases, there may not be a lender but rather backers. There are a variety of online platforms that can allow you to connect with a community of funders. If you need affordable inventory funding, you should use Kickfurther. At Kickfurther you can get funded within minutes. Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a free business account
  • Complete the application online
  • Review a potential deal with one of our account reps 
  • Get funded in minutes (funding times may vary)

How Kickfurther can help

Kickfurther funds up to 100% of your inventory costs on flexible payment terms that you customize and control. With Kickfurther, you can fund your entire order(s) each time you need more inventory and put your existing capital to work growing your business without adding debt or giving up equity.

Why Kickfurther?

No immediate repayments: You don’t pay back until your new inventory order begins selling. You set your repayment schedule based on what works best for your cash flow.

Non-dilutive: Kickfurther doesn’t take equity in exchange for funding.

Not a debt: Kickfurther is not a loan, so it does not put debt on your books. Debt financing options can sometimes further constrain your working capital and access to capital, or even lower your business’s valuation if you are looking at venture capital or a sale.

Quick access: You need capital when your supplier payments are due. Kickfurther can fund your entire order(s) each time you need more inventory.

Kickfurther puts you in control of your business while delivering the costliest asset for most CPG brands. And by funding your largest expense (inventory), you can free up existing capital to grow your business wherever you need it – product development, advertising, adding headcount, etc.

Try Kickfurther

Kickfurther success stories: Featured skin care business co-ops

#1. Spinster Sisters

Spinster Sisters is an all-natural skin care line that offers a variety of hair, skin, and bath and body products. Their products use essential oils, minimally processed plant oils, and botanicals and are created to benefit consumers, employees, and the earth. Spinster Sisters co-op with Kickfurther raised $69,607 in 5.4 months representing a 20.39% annualized co-op profit margin.


MANTL is a men’s skin care company offering products designed for bald and balding males. They proudly offer award-winning premium skincare for the face and scalp. MANTL is committed to doing away with unsustainable hair loss prevention products and sub-par skincare regimen. A recent co-op with Kickfurther allowed them to raise $43,809 in 6.7 months.

#3. Fedorenko Holistic Skin Care

Dr. Fedorenko Holistic Skin Care is an organic skin care line specializing in everything from moisturizer to bug repellent. Their product line features a sun stick, bug stick, skin stick, and more. With a belief in good science and a wisdom of nature, they create products that are good for your skin and our planet. A recent co-op with Kickfurther allowed them to raise $21,100 in 6.3 months.


Just about every skin care business can benefit from financing. The key to financing is to make sure that it’s affordable. While money can be a short-term fix to some company struggles, do your research and make smart financial decisions. Hopefully, now, you know how to obtain affordable inventory funding. 

Refresh your company with affordable inventory funding. . . apply today!

How does Skin Care Business Financing Work?

Connect with consumers across the United States to get your
inventory funded via our marketplace

Create your online account

Create a business account, upload your business information, and launch your deal

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Once approved, our community funds most deals within a day, often within minutes to hours, so you’ll never miss another growth opportunity.

Control your payment schedule

We pay your manufacturer to produce inventory. Make the introduction and you’re off and running! Outline your expected sales periods for customized payment terms. At the end of each sales period, submit sales reports and pay consignment profit to backers for each item sold.

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Complete your payment schedule and you’re done! Often once the community knows you, you’re likely to get lower rates on your next raise.

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How does Skin Care Business financing with Kickfurther work?

Brands can access funding for their skin care brand from marketplace participants. The marketplace allows brands to access private funding at costs that can improve with each use. Your funding for your purchase order goes directly to your manufacturer for production of goods and you make no payments until you receive and begin selling new inventory.

What are the minimum requirements to qualify for Skin Care Business financing?

  • Kickfurther works with skin care brands once they’ve reached at least $150,000 or more in trailing 12 months revenue. You do not need to be in business for 12 months, or have revenue in 12 consecutive months, but we review a snapshot of revenue across a period up to 12 months.
  • As we process your application, we review your account statements to calculate your trailing 12 months of revenue. Kickfurther will consider your revenue to be your net sales, which we define as your business’s gross sales minus its returns, fees, allowances, and discounts.

How can I create a Kickfurther co-op for my Skin Care brand?

  • Launching a Co-Op for your skin care brand involves 3 key steps:
    • Create a basic profile including information about your business and product line. Once you’ve done this you can go live with an “upcoming Co-Op” profile that users can choose to follow to hear when your Co-Op launches.
    • Determine your Co-Op structure using the Kickfurther calculator to determine costs, earnings, and timeline.
    • Verify your Credibility Metrics with the Kickfurther team and finalize your Co-Op profile

How fast will I get funded?

Once approved and the deal goes live, most deals fund within a day (often within minutes to hours), so you’ll never miss another growth opportunity