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Kickfurther Company Screening Process

Kickfurther Protections

In order to identify ideal businesses for Kickfurther, every business passes through our proprietary screening process before being launched on our marketplace. While Kickfurther cannot remove all risk or prevent all fraud, we have developed the three policies below:

All companies looking to raise money on Kickfurther need to pass our vetting process, which includes, but is not limited to: sales history reporting including revenue documentation, a business credit report, verifying the business’s legal name and standing with the Secretary of State in the state the business is located, searching the internet for negative or criminal news associated with the business, and reviewing any pertinent purchase orders or any other information listed in the Credibility Metrics on their Co-Op

This stage is used to ensure the company qualifies for Kickfurther. Businesses that pass through this stage of vetting are then qualified to use the platform and begin creating their Co-Op.


Businesses looking to raise money for their inventory needs are required to adhere to different protections for our community depending on the dynamics of their supply chain. We have developed what we call Kickfurther Badges to represent these different protections.

Badges are viewable both on the Co-Op cards found when browsing the different Co-Ops and also within the Co-Ops themselves on the Credibility Metrics. Read more about badges.


Once a Co-Op has been successfully funded, community members who took part may receive updates from the business regarding the inventory at key parts of the inventory’s journey. These updates allow the community members to have greater insight into current status of the inventory purchased.