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More Sales.
Healthier Cash Flow.
Faster Growth.

Double the impact of your cash on hand with Kickfurther. We pay for your inventory up front so you can use your cash wherever else you need to grow. You only pay back after inventory sells, which means no payments before you have revenue.

Piccolina chooses Kickfurther for Inventory Funding

How these CPG leaders meet opportunity with Kickfurther

Kin Euphorics Jen

Maintain Equity

Only 2% of VC funding went to female entrepreneurs in 2021. Kin Euphorics used Kickfurther to access growth capital for increasing demand.

Meet Viral Growth

What’s it like having one of the most in-demand products? Great, until you realize immediate demand outpaces cash on hand available for inventory orders.

Say "Yes" To Opportunity

Entering new retailers and wondering how you’ll work around their payment terms? Customize your funding & payments with Kickfurther.

Growth Takes Capital. Make It The Right Capital

Higher Limits

It’s simple — you access more capital with Kickfurther. Limits grow alongside you.

Better Cash Flow

Cash flow is king. Create a custom payment schedule with no payments until newly funded inventory sells.

Lower Costs

We could charge more but we don’t. Kickfurther doesn’t appear as a debt or liability on balance sheets due to our consignment structure.

Unmatched Flexibility

You know your brand best so you should create the timeline that works best for your cash flow.

Weller grew with Kickfurther Inventory Funding

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Produce & Sell More Inventory

Before Even Paying for it


Lower cost than many options, often by 10-30%.


Pay back as you sell: No more cash pinch while waiting for sales.


We fund inventory for direct-to-consumer & major store brands


Faster, cash-flow optimized growth

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