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Kickfurther Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying

We signed up for Kickfurther PRO and are about to go live with our 16th Co-Op, having funded well over $1,000,000! The cost is competitive and the subscription structure encourages us to do more deal flow to reduce our annualized rate. The speed, ease, and cost of funding compared to other financing options make them the best solution for us.

John CascaranoFounder, TAME the BEAST

Kickfurther was the perfect inventory financing solution to allow us to keep up with rapidly increasing demand for our products. The Kickfurther team has been wonderful to work with and has made the funding process seamless - it’s been pivotal to our success.

Heide Iravani & Emily CliffordCo-founders, Piccolina

Kickfurther helped bring our most recent Amazon holiday order through to the finish line. We've had our best year yet by 89% and none of this would've happened without Kickfurther and their incredible buyer community.

Kyle BergmanFounder, Swoveralls

With the help of Kickfurther, we've been able to finance larger inventory purchases to account for the increase in orders. The partnership allows us the capital flexibility to develop new product launches and finance large order inventory for some of our top customers.

Eric BinderFounder, Spongelle
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A No-Brainer Solution

Say Goodbye to Inventory Issues

We needed inventory to grow, and a company doesn't always have the money to produce enough inventory. Thank god we found David and everyone at Kickfurther.

Sam NebelPresident, Goodwipes

With all the backing our company has received we were able to keep up with demand by maintaining our level of inventory, thus helping us increase our sales, which has seen an exponential level of growth.

Italo LigeroFounder, Big Stock
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More Growth Stories

All of our inventory to date has been funded from our pockets, however as the sales levels have grown, the need for higher inventory levels has created pressure on our cash flow. Kickfurther's buy now pay later model is a match made in heaven for our Amazon shop where they funded our top sellers, which freed up our cash flow to add new products. Plus since their funding is non-dilutive, we can continue to scale while keeping 100% ownership.

Ricky LapineFounder, Sneaky Chef

Kickfurther is the perfect funding solution for our Amazon sales. We are one of the most popular games on Amazon, so Kickfurther's funding helped keep us up with the ever-growing demands where we had the opportunity to sell more inventory.

Joel FleischmanFounder, Sullivan's Distribution Co.

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