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Kickfurther Inventory Funding

Multiply Your Profits

Kickfurther storefronts build your consignment sales profits even higher. When sales go through your storefront, you can make additional commission and accelerate profit via a first-out payment provision.

Monthly Storefront Promotion

$500 monthly gift card available to the Kickfurther buyer account with the highest sales! Every six months, the top two storefronts will have the chance to win another great prize!

Feature Your Funded Items

Products you fund through Co-Ops can be placed into your store. You can share your store link anywhere and purchases there are credited to your account!

Kickfurther inventory funding storefront

First-Out Benefits

Sales through your store are reflected in your payouts. You’ll receive payouts first among other buyers AND have the opportunity to earn sales commission.

First Out Provision with Kickfurther Storefronts

Monthly Winners

A short paragraph describing exactly what this service offers and how it helps clients. This is your chance to convince the visitor that your business is the right choice for them.

Kickfurther Storefront Contest

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