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Facebook ads for eCommerce businesses can drive sales and expedite growth. However, you will need to formulate an effective Facebook eCommerce strategy to be successful. You will want to know exactly who you are targeting and communicate a clear and concise message. If your target market is too broad, you may end up wasting marketing efforts on Facebook. 

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are essentially a way of advertising through the Facebook platform. But not just in the traditional Facebook feed that you may be accustomed to. When you create a Facebook Ad and campaign, your advertisement can be displayed across the Facebook feed, Facebook Messenger, and on other websites simultaneously. When you have a product, brand, or company Facebook page, anyone can come to your page and see what your brand is about or what kind of products your company sells. You can create that page for free and promote it on your own for no charge. However, you then never know how many people are seeing your posts, how many clicks or views you are receiving, and who is looking at your content. When you create a Facebook Ad, you are creating a paid message that then can be promoted. Your message can come in the form of a video, slideshow, image, or simply just text, and you can target the demographics that your brand is looking to reach. With targeting advertising through Facebook Ads, you can create content that represents your brand positioning and reach the audience that is most likely to respond to your messaging. Facebook Ads can be extremely important for any eCommerce business, whether just starting out, or if you are a large business. It is estimated that around 68% of all adults in the US have an active Facebook account. If you are looking to reach an international audience, Facebook has over 2.4-billion users worldwide. Of all the users that Facebook has, the average user spends at least 35-minutes on Facebook each day. This is why many social media marketers think that Facebook offers a higher return on investment than any other social media platform out there. 

How does Facebook Ads Work?

If you are looking for the most basic breakdown of how Facebook Ads work, the first step is to choose your ad format and where you want to direct potential users. For example, do you want to promote your brand’s Facebook page? Or, do you want to promote your own website? You can even promote specific posts on your Facebook post or posts that others created on your page. Basically, where are you going to direct users to? Next, choose your format. Are you creating video content? An image? You can also choose a slideshow or from many other formats. Once you have created your ad, let us say a video ad to direct users to your website, then you can select what demographics you would like to target. You can select your demographic by gender, age range, location, and profile interests. You can choose precise interests like a particular band or movie, or broad categories like music, film, or business/technology. Once you have picked who you want to specifically advertise to, you need to set a budget and then a bid for either each click or per 1,000 impressions your ad receives.

 Why do you need a Facebook Ads eCommerce strategy?

Having a solid Facebook Ad eCommerce strategy is essential for any business, however, not all businesses are made for the Facebook platform. The first step of developing a successful Facebook Ads strategy is to determine if your business is right for the Facebook Ads model. Once you have determined that your business is indeed a match for using the Facebook Ads platform, then it is no different than developing a regular eCommerce marketing strategy. One of the most important things you should know before starting your Facebook Ads campaign is who your target market is and who you would like to sell your products to. Knowing this beforehand is going to be critical to running successful ad campaigns. You may have different target audiences for different products based on the price or nature of the product, but you need to know who is going to respond to your brand and to which products. Having an idea of who your target market is combined with a thorough Facebook Ads eCommerce strategy will set you apart from your competition. It can also help you develop future products or services with the best profit-making potential. You will also be able to see how well your audience responds or not to your advertising techniques, and you will know how to adjust those techniques for future campaigns. Your Facebook Ads eCommerce strategy should also have specific goals, whether monthly or quarterly, and you should hold yourself accountable if you do not meet your goals, and then adjust accordingly. Having a Facebook Ads eCommerce strategy before you even post your first ad is essential. 

Facebook Ads Tips for eCommerce Businesses

Once you learned how to properly create your own Facebook Ads advertisements and you have developed a thorough Facebook Ads eCommerce strategy, then it is time to remember some important tips about what makes a successful ad on the Facebook platform. Here are some tips on how to create a captivating and successful advertisement using Facebook Ads. 

  1. Communicate your brand’s story: Oftentimes people do not respond well to strict product advertisements on Facebook. Communicate your brand’s story, your identity, your brand’s mission statement, and connect with your audience rather than simply trying to sell them something. 
  2. Use captivating and high-quality imagery: When Facebook users are scrolling, the idea is to make them stop scrolling. How can you do that with a poor quality stock photo image that has nothing captivating to pull in the user? 
  3. Make original and creative offers: Everyone does love a 50% off sale, however, it’s not creative or original and some people might simply overlook it. Try contests, giveaways, or other exciting offers that are not like every other advertisement on Facebook. 
  4. Create urgency: Urgency is one of the oldest tricks in advertising. If a person knows they can get the sale or offer at any time, then why would they click on it now? 
  5. Use engagement: People like to be heard and responded to. By creating an ad that encourages users to engage with the brand, you can potentially get more people to interact with one another along with the brand and begin to create a community around the brand. Part of engagement is being responsive. If someone posts a question or concern, be sure to respond promptly. 
  6. Be authentic: There is nothing more that people hate than to have a brand think they are not intelligent consumers. Phony advertisements, big promises, cheesy ad copy, will only deter customers from engaging with the ad. Be authentic about who you are, what you are trying to achieve, and how the user can help you achieve it. Intelligent consumers want nothing more than honesty. They know ultimately that you are trying to sell them something in the end, and how you treat them is everything. 

Creating captivating advertisements using the Facebook Ads platform is not entirely difficult if you remember these tips and use some common sense practices. You are most likely a consumer yourself. So think, what would you like to see in advertisements coming through your news feed? 


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