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Take your Snowmelt spec sheets and quality control to the next level with our easy to use purchase order (PO) generator.

The purchase order (PO) template on Snowmelt is a protective agreement that helps protect your business. Simply generate the PO template on Snowmelt to capture the cost, quantity and item name of the product you are ordering. Include your factory’s address and their contact information.

Customize the payment terms and late shipment protective clauses with terms you are comfortable with and get your factory to sign the PO at the bottom to establish the agreement.

Tip: Have your factory sign the Snowmelt Spec Sheet and your Snowmelt PO, ensuring everyone is on the same page about your product specifications.

For instance, if you order a 5 inch tall cup, and you receive it and it is 6 inches, if you had your factory sign these then you could be better protected. That way, not only did they agree to produce it at 5 inches, but the PO template that they signed outlines the compensation you should expect for such a mistake.

Get your product quality control and order forms under control and implement industry best practices with Snowmelt. Download Snowmelt today.

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