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Successful businesswomen are often asked how they did it, and what kind of advice they would offer to up-and-coming entrepreneurs. While there is no one formula for success, there are many valuable female entrepreneur resources that can help you surpass your wildest dreams and goals. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, these resources can help you succeed. Here are 10 of the best resources for female entrepreneurs.

10 best resources for female business entrepreneurs 

Starting and running your own business can be an extremely rewarding experience. The challenges along the way only make it more rewarding. As a female business owner, you may face unique challenges and require different resources than male business owners. Here are 10 of the best resources for female entrepreneurs. With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be on your way to success!

Amber grant

The Amber Grant is a grant given monthly to a woman entrepreneurial business owner. The grant was established in 1998 in memory of Amber Wigdahl, who was working on her start-up company when she died suddenly at the age of 26. 

Each month, a panel of business owners and experts selects one qualifying woman business owner to receive the $500 grant. In addition to the cash award, the winner also receives mentorship and support from the Amber Grant community. To date, the Amber Grant has awarded over $1 million to female entrepreneurs across the United States.


Starting and running a business is no easy feat, but there are a number of resources available to help female entrepreneurs achieve success. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is one such resource. The SBA offers a variety of programs and services designed to help women-owned businesses start, grow, and thrive. 

For example, the SBA offers business counseling, access to capital, and training on a variety of topics such as marketing and financial management. In addition, the SBA has a Women’s Business Center program that provides resources and support specifically for women-owned businesses. With the help of the SBA, female entrepreneurs can overcome the challenges of starting and running a successful business.


Astia is a global non-profit that works to promote equality in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing access to capital, mentorship, and community programs. In addition, Astia also hosts events and workshops on topics such as business planning and pitching to investors. By providing these services, Astia helps level the playing field for female entrepreneurs so they can achieve their business goals.

The Women’s Venture Fund

The Women’s Venture Fund (WVF) is a unique program that provides funding and support for female business entrepreneurs. Launched in 2011, the WVF has helped thousands of women start and grow their businesses. 

One of the key benefits of the WVF is that it offers flexible funding options. Whether you need a small amount of seed money to get your business off the ground or a larger sum to expand your operations, the WVF can provide the capital you need. In addition to funding, the WVF also offers mentorship and resources to help you succeed. With an experienced team of mentors, the WVF can help you navigate the challenges of starting and running a business. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, the Women’s Venture Fund can help you make it happen.


Rise is a company that helps female entrepreneurs grow their businesses. They provide resources such as mentorship, funding, and access to a network of like-minded business owners. Rise also offers educational resources on topics such as marketing, finance, and business strategy. 

Their goal is to help women succeed in the business world, and they have been very successful in achieving this. In the past year, they have helped over 1,000 women start and grow their businesses. Rise is an excellent resource for any woman who wants to start or grow her own business. If you are looking for help in starting or growing your business, I highly recommend that you check out Rise.

The Girlboss Foundation

The Girlboss Foundation was founded in 2014 by Sophia Amoruso, the CEO and founder of Girlboss, a media and e-commerce company. The Girlboss Foundation’s mission is to empower women to become their own bosses and build successful businesses. 

To date, the foundation has awarded over $1 million in grants and scholarships to women entrepreneurs. In addition, the foundation offers an online course called “Girlboss 101” which teaches women how to start and grow their own businesses. The Girlboss Foundation is a great resource for women who want to start their own businesses and achieve financial independence.

Women Founders Network Fast Pitch Events

Women Founders Network (WFN) is a global community of female entrepreneurs committed to increasing the number of successful women-led businesses. One way they achieve this goal is through their Fast Pitch events, which provide a forum for female business owners to pitch their businesses to a panel of experts. 

These events are not only an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get feedback on their businesses, but they also serve as a networking opportunity. In addition, the expert panel provides valuable insights that can help attendees fine-tune their business plans. WFN’s Fast Pitch events have helped to launch many successful businesses, and they continue to be a powerful force in the world of female entrepreneurship.

Women 2.0

Women 2.0 website is another excellent resource. The site offers a variety of articles and tools to help women start and grow their businesses.

How Kickfurther can help

Kickfurther can help female entrepreneurs get the funding they need for inventory that is up to 30% cheaper than other options.

Kickfurther is the world’s first online inventory financing platform that enables companies to access funds that they are unable to acquire through traditional sources. With Kickfurther you can fund millions of dollars worth of inventory at costs of up to 30% lower than the competition. It gets better though – you don’t pay until you start making sales. You’ll truly have the opportunity to create a payment schedule that works for your business. You’ll outline expected sales periods to create customized payment terms. With more than $100 million in inventory funded to date, Kickfurther can help you get funded within a day or even minutes to hours. If your brand sells physical products or non-perishable consumables and has revenue between $150k to $15mm over the last 12 months, you are a prime Kickfurther candidate. 

Interested in getting funded on Kickfurther?  Create a free business account, complete the online application, review deals, and get funded in as little as minutes!

For female entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to get started or take their business to the next level, Kickfurther is an excellent option. It offers financing for inventory, business expenses, and anything else you need to get up and running. With more than $1 million funded to date, Kickfurther is a smart choice for women who want to have the money they need for inventory financing without having to turn to personal loans, high interest credit cards,  or other sources of funding. 

With Kickfurther, you can get the funding you need in just hours (instead of days or weeks) so you don’t have to worry about missing out on new opportunities to build or grow your business.


So, if you are a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, where should you start? Check out our top 10 resources for female founded businesses. These websites and articles offer valuable advice and support to help you get started and grow your business. 

And don’t forget to try some of the tips we shared earlier. With a little hard work and dedication, you can turn your passion into a thriving business. What resources have been most helpful to you as a female entrepreneur?

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