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Portfolio Diversification with Inventory Consignment

Inventory-based brands of all sizes, from enterprise to growing SMBs, finance inventory purchases and confront cash flow gaps between supplier costs and future revenue.

US-based CPG brands approach the Kickfurther marketplace for inventory funding. Marketplace participants can see requests, analyze business metrics, and preview the funding timeline prior to committing funds. Choosing to fund enters you into a consignment opportunity (a “Co-Op”).

Kickfurther Inventory Funding Buyer Analysis

Third party Kickfurther analysis reported 14.4% annualized platform profit.

Consignment Model

Kickfurther marketplace participants purchase inventory on behalf of the brands they partner with. This inventory is consigned back to the brand for sale and, for each item sold, the up-front cost plus a consignment profit is paid back.

Selecting Allocations

Participation can be automated through Copilot. Selected criteria will filter new opportunities and pursue targeted allocation without needing to log into Kickfurther and review each new opportunity as it is posted.

Kickfurther Inventory Funding Copilot Allocations

Participation Visibility

Copilot Allocations screen presents upcoming Co-Ops matching your criteria with the ability to opt in or out, and displays purchased inventory allotments.

Kickfurther Inventory Funding Copilot Allocations


“Kickfurther is by far my favorite new way to make money. Their business model is incredibly innovative and they do an excellent job at putting their community first and looking out for you. If you’re thinking about either starting to make money online or want to add additional revenues to what you’re already doing, you need to check out Kickfurther.”

Jose Vieitez