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Put Your Money to Work. Diversify Your Assets. Generate profit through our unique inventory funding Platform.

Small and medium sized consumer product companies are the entrepreneurial backbone of the U.S. economy, but traditional options for funding inventory don’t meet their unique needs.

Kickfurther solves this problem by bringing together users like you who want to diversify their assets, with product companies who need inventory. Our platform provides opportunities to earn a profit through a unique inventory consignment model.

I joined the Kickfurther community at the end of 2020. My initial motivation was to increase my credit card spending while gaining some profit. It gave me an opportunity to contribute to the success of many small entrepreneurs. I find it fun to screen the co-ops and follow up toward completion.The key to success on Kickfurther is diversification and choosing your contribution wisely.

Omri M.




in Payouts to Buyers

How it Works



Each company on Kickfurther has demonstrated substantial sales and came to our marketplace looking for more inventory to meet customer demand.

Sign up to review these consignment opportunities (“Co-Ops”), discover how much income each estimates, see estimated sales timelines, and review other information about each company and ask questions. Kickfurther makes it easy to discover the Co-Op that’s right for your participation. 

Purchase Inventory

Purchase Inventory

When you purchase inventory for a company, you’re participating in our unique inventory consignment model: Funders like you own the products they helped fund until they are sold, at which point they are paid back plus designated consignment profit.

Earn Profit

Earn Profit

Each Co-Op has a predetermined profit that is earned for each piece of consignment inventory sold. As the product sells, you earn your share of the profit. Select a company to partner with, consign inventory through the Co-Op presented, and earn profit. 

Join our marketplace for access to unique consignment opportunities to generate profit by purchasing inventory.

"Kickfurther is by far my favorite new way to make money. Their business model is incredibly innovative and they do an excellent job at putting their community first and looking out for you.

If you’re thinking about either starting to make money online or want to add additional revenues to what you’re already doing, you need to check out Kickfurther."

Jose V.

Kickfurther Diversifies Assets


Who can participate as a Kickfurther Buyer?

You must be at least 18 years old and a US resident.

Can I use my Credit Card?

Yes, when you’re ready to make a claim on Kickfurther, there are two ways to contribute. Via money you transfer from your bank into your Kickfurther account (ACH) or via credit card. You can choose to set up ACH within your Kickfurther dashboard under banking.

What does it cost?

Opportunities on Kickfurther start as low as $20!

When do Co-Ops go live?

Co-Ops go live at 5 pm EST/ 2 pm PST.