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These days, everyone has a short attention span. People are only going to react to ads that directly relate to them. So, if your ad isn’t clear & directly related to your audience, then why would they waste their time watching it… They won’t. 

The best way to create something engaging is to ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Who is buying my product? (Or who do I want to sell it to?) 
  • What is the problem my product provides a solution for ?
  • What real life scenario would the person be in, to necessitate owning this product?


Once you have these answers, you can create dozens of hooks & stories around your target audience that will get them immediately engaged in the ad.


  1. Agree
    1. Give them a statement the viewer is going to agree with:
      1. EX. “There’s nothing worse than flaky skin”
  2. Promise
    1. Provide them a solution to their problem:
      1. EX. “Cerave Hydration twice a day reduces flaky skin by 75%”
  3. Preview
    1. Plan for how your product can solve their problem:
      1. EX. “Order Cerave for results in just 3 weeks”

This is a guest post from Lab29. Lab29, specializes in creating performance driven ads for Facebook/IG and other platforms, with a unique expertise in Direct Response, which is extremely effective for DTC brands. Their team of in-house content creators & editors can produce new assets, or take existing assets, to create a multitude of ad variants for testing. Their goal is to lower your acquisition cost and increase your ROAS.

All Kickfurther members will receive one FREE month of creative work, when they sign up for a trial with Lab29. Contact Lab29 today and schedule a free creative consultation.


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