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Hello KickFurther Community! We are Top Dawg Electronics and we are looking to raise $75,000 for 3 Purchase Orders. These 3 POs are from 2 of our biggest customers, Cornwell Tools & Lynco Products. We have been working with Cornwell Tools for 18 months now and Lynco Products for over 5 years. The total of these 3 POs is over $133,000. Both of these customers are doing a 4th quarter promotion and these are the initial PO's for inventory for the start of these promotions. We expect that we will receive additional PO's for an additional 25% or up to 50% more of inventory in early to mid November. These PO's are guaranteed, regardless if the promotion does great or does not peform well as both of these customers sell these products all year and any unsold inventory will just be placed in their warehouse for future sales.

With your help, we will be able to fund the inventory needed for these purchase orders and focus our capital on purcahsing inventory for other customers and for the 4th quarter!

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