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25.91% Annualized $46.25 profit per pack

3.1 MonthsCo-Op Completed

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*COVID Statement – COVID-19 has affected our industry in two unique ways – first, it has caused a huge demand of product, and we have seen strong sales this year as a result.  Most things in stock sell out in a matter of days. This has caused a compounding problem though of stressed supply chains and longer lead times in re-orders, but we have that effectively handled through our close relationship with our factory, and these items on this co-op are already produced.  As to our operations, we are a small company, and our warehouse is large and distanced, and we follow all COVID protocols within our facility.

You may have seen people riding bicycles around in the winter with strange fat tires that float on top of the snow.  Terrene Tires is the second largest manufacturer of these specialty winter tires, and growing fast.  We got our start when founders Anders and Tim worked for the largest supplier of these types of tires in the world in engineering and product development.  We were responsible for a lot of the innovation in this segment such as concave studs.  About 6 years ago we spun off independently, and 4 years ago we brought Terrene Tires to the market.  We have seen constant growth every year in both Aftermarket and OEM channels, and we have grown faster than our capital has allowed.  We now have a complete line of fat bike tires carbide stud options for traction in snow and ice, and are actively working to satisfy the demand. 

Terrene's sales are very seasonal, with our heavy selling season from November through March.  We do 90% of our sales within that time period, and each year the amount grows, so we need to stock up for the season.

All product is made by a third-party manufacturer, and our season's production is already complete.  

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