Suru Clothing Co.

Suru Clothing Co.

1621 Broadway, Oakland Ca., USA


13% Co-Op Profit Margin $1.1300 for every $1.00

8.5 MonthsDuration


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Suru is a premium casual apparel brand that promotes multiculturalism and diversity through lifestyle and fashion. We are reaching out to the Kickfurther community for support to raise $24,000 for our first offer. These funds will be used to produce our 2016 summer.

The word SURU means “TO DO” in Japanese and “PATIENCE” in the Yoruba language. The core concept of our brand is asking people to have patience in understanding cultural nuances while embracing diversity. We create premium apparel that embodies multiculturalism and diversity for both men and women. Our style is a mix of prep and street wear. SuRu as a brand incorporates styles from the world's most influential sport, Futbol [Soccer], along with geographic locations and cultural influences from everyday individuals. We incorporate colors from the sovereign flags of different countries and include a variety of languages, celebrating cultural pride across the globe through our designs.

Suru has been around for 6 years but spent the first 3 years in research and brand develoment mode while the founder was in grad school and working full-time. In 2013 Baba (founder) quit his job at a giant retail store to focus on Suru by launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund its first production run. 

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