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RockIt Snacks

Austin, TX

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7.29% Co-Op Profit Margin $1.99 profit per pack

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In our first year, RockIt Snacks accomplished very early stage distribution at highly respected brick and mortar and ecommerce retailers such as HEB, Central Market, Lunds & Byerlys, Dorothy Lane Market and Thrive In addition, Rockit has partnered with the two largest natural foods distributors (UNFI / KeHe) which positions RockIt to accelerate growth in many key markets across the US.Funding from this Co-Op will be used to purchase inventory of all three flavors of our RockIt Snacks line to continue meeting the demand of our current retail partners, and new distribution nationwide.COVID 19 has helped us accelerate upgrading our own website store and all digital sales and marketing efforts therefore RockIt anticipates large gains in our Ecommerce sales this year.All of our products are produced with a 3rd party SQF certified manufacturer in the Chicago area and production runs are managed by the RockIt operations team. To ensure optimal quality, 3rd party lab testing is performed on every batch of Crunchy Coated Pumpkin Seeds produced for the highest quality and for label claims such as gluten and grain free.All completed product are warehoused by a 3rd party fulfillment facility in the Chicago metro area who stores product and prepares all shipments to wholesale and distribution customers. Based on our existing customer base of ecommerce, DSD, and wholesale distributors, we anticipate selling this run of product over the next 60 to 90 days to our partners around the country.  RockIt Snacks was soft launched in 2019 by two CPG food veterans with over 18 years of combined experienced as entrepreneurs in this industry. With strong retailer relationships and having distributed products nationally, we have deep experience in bringing incredible products to market.

  • Working from a shoestring budget from ideation to inception today RockIt is on shelf in the leading grocery retailer in Texas - HEB and their sister high-end retailer Central Market (since September 2020). 

  • Considering launch in our 1st stores was during COVID RockIt will still end the year selling 20 units/store/week on average and 2020 revenue will end just under a quarter million in sales.

  • RockIt is in conversations now and has been with several Costco regions, Sprouts Farmers Markets, Erewhon, Lassens Markets, many Independent natural foods stores across the US and the US Army special forces. All of which were put on hold due to the pandemic however are positioned to come on-line in 2021 projecting revenues to be well north of $1MM

  • RockIt recently hired a strong digital Marketing firm that will help accelerate our ecommerce and social marketing tremendously in 2021. Ecommerce revenue projections are set to be between $500K - $1MM next year.

Prior to Rockit Snacks, we founded Primizie Snacks in 2011 and were involved in the day-to-day operations for 6 of the 8 years of its existence. Our full-time role ended in September 2018 but we continued as board members. Primizie Snacks was in good standing in 2018 and had just completed a $2M raise. It operated on a top-line growth business model based on a continuous high spend and high capital raise pattern. The business was in need of capital and raising right up to its close in February 2020. Just before the close there were serious investors the brand was days away from injecting another round of capital. Unfortunately, those investors suddenly lost a lot of money when the stock market dropped last February when COVID became a reality. In April the board voted to file for Chapter 7 and to liquidate its asset. Unfortunately if it had not been for COVID  Primizie Snacks would still be here today.

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