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As you know, dog lovers are everywhere and the pet industry is a great place to be - even for apparel, gifts and home decor. Our popularity is soaring! Though we sell primarily wholesale to retail stores, we have a very active e-commerce site ( and we license the brand to 15 manufacturers who have their own distribution channels.  

Two very popular products this time of year are our womens sleepshirts.  To get ahead of the rush, we need to get these in stock by the end of September.  Another favorite as the weather cools is our Dog is My Zen women's tunic hoodie. After that, there are a number of other items for which we will likely return to Kickfurther.

We are looking to fund some inventory purchases to stock the warehouse for the holiday rush.  The last 3 months of the year (Q4) typically accounts for one-third of our annual sales.  It is normally difficult to finance purchase orders - even if the inventory is pre-sold. We see Kickfurther as a way to circumvent that expensive, traditionally disadvantaged method and, at the same time, promote the brand through the KF community.

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