Otis and Eleanor

Otis and Eleanor comes back for a 5th time!

Coral Springs, Florida


Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Inspection Type

10.23% Annualized $1.1040 for every $1.00

12.4 MonthsCo-Op Completed

9% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hi Kickfurther community-

Otis and Eleanor Inc. is back again for round 5! We're back so soon because our Amazon sales continue to scale! We literally cannot produce our inventory quickly enough to avoid gaps in our sales and all of that missed revenue is PAINFUL. We've successfully completed co-op 1 for $15,628.80 and co-op 2 for $182,236.00 successfully and profitably for our buyers, we then launched co-op 3 for $33,001.50, which we paid several months ahead of schedule. Our 4th Co-op is on schedule. We are launching this 5th Co-Op now so that by the time production and shipping complete we will hopefully not have to go on back order.

This co-op will be our third time using the new Kickfurther system. This inventory will also be sold primarily direct to consumer through the Amazon system where we are experiencing tremendous volume. This Co-Op is being labeled an Inventory Inspection Co-Op because the inventory will temporarily be held at my facility before it is transferred to FBA by Amazon. Kickfurther will continue to have complete visibility over my Amazon account. Although this Co-Op has a different label in order to comply with the policy, I expect to run it exactly as I have run previous Co-Ops. 

The production will occur overseas in China with the same suppliers we have worked with on our previous co-ops. This is something I have extensive experience in (please take a look at our production flow chart in the Owner Team section of the Company tab).  My suppliers will be paid directly by kickfurther. The production will take 45-60 days, and shipping to the US will require another 45-60 days. I have assumed the conservative outcome for both production and shipping. Therefore we project our inventory will be available on July 10th. We estimate 3.5 months of selling will be more than sufficient to complete our obligation. Please see the timeline tab for more detail!

We've done co-ops under the original Kickfurther system, under the purchase order system, and under the inventory visibility system and one thing has been consistent; our buyers have had a smooth and profitable experience. Here is a quick screen grab of my Kickfurther reviews, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO SEE MY PREVIOUS CO-OPS AND ALL USER REVIEWS BELOW and you'll see these are no exception (They are easy to miss!). 

Image title

I welcome buyers new and old to join Otis and Eleanor Inc. as we continue to grow. 

Thanks for listening, happy buying, and feel free to ask your questions in the comments!

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