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Jambini joins Kickfurther!!!

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19.88% Annualized $8.15 profit per pack

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*COVID-19 Impact* has actually been positive for our company. Consumer shopping behaviors have shifted to online and children roaming and exploring inside homes more prominent than ever. Our sales have been on the rise through the pandemic period, and we are well-positioned for additional demand-capture opportunities. While we source our products from China our supply chain has remained fully functional. We just had our most recent production run in April 2020, which was delivered in mid-June of 2020 without issue or delay.

We are excited to be joining the Kickfurther community and I'm beyond thrilled to share more about what we're up to at Jambini. For those of you who don't know us, Jambini sells innovative babyproofing products that encourage discovery without jeopardizing home appeal. We design our products to be tamperproof but it keeps your home from screaming: "a one year old lives here!". 

We believe in the power of the “crowd” and trust that Kickfurther will end up playing a pivotal role as we approach our growth thresholds within our company.  We are seeking inventory funding to keep up with the growing demand for our products.  With over 1,500,000 units sold over the last 5 years and counting, keeping these essential products on the shelves has been our tallest hurdle since the beginning.    

See below why this is going to be a great deal: 
  1. We’ve experienced a huge increase in sales due to COVID-19, more than double our normal sales. This obviously requires capital to sustain stock. 
  2. Jambini was selected as a Deal of the Day on Amazon.com during the Black Friday shopping season (an exceptional opportunity). 
  3. September is Baby Safety Month which usually results in an 25% - 30% increase in sales
Jambini products are currently sold on Amazon, Walmart and our website. We're also in the process of on-boarding with BuyBuyBaby and a few local military exchanges. We have a variety of strategic partnerships in the works that will open doors and unlock additional expansion opportunities. 

We are confident our projections are conservative and commit to an on time payback. We appreciate your support and are grateful for your consideration! 

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