Enlightening Minds LLC

Independent Publishers IFSTA & Boy Scouts of America

Shortsville, NY


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17.85% Annualized $1.0450 for every $1.00

3.1 MonthsCo-Op Completed

36% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hi, Kickfurther community, we're back with another exciting co-op! 

We are Enlightening Minds LLC, an e-commerce company connecting great products with the world. We have launched 3 Co-Ops so far, one is complete, the other is on schedule., and one recently received funding of over $136,000.   We see Kickfurther as the best possible way to cash flow our business, increase our exposure, and connect with supportive individuals. 

For a little background, Enlightening Minds began in 2008 with one man and a car trunk full of used books to sell on Amazon. Now, nearly a decade later, Enlightening Minds is housed inside a 22,000 sq ft warehouse with nearly thirty employees. In 2017, we delivered over 150,000 products to consumers worldwide. Those products ranged from used books to health and beauty supplies, to glass cleaner, coloring tablecloths, and baby teething formula. 

We made over $3,000,000 in sales in 2017. Revenue has nearly doubled year over year since 2012.

We are excited about the cash flow, but even more excited about the community nature of the platform. It's something that is ingrained into our company culture. Just take a look at our lifetime performance on Amazon to understand how serious we are about customer support and our reputation.

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  • We commit to providing an update every 2 weeks as long as things are on schedule. If issues arise, we commit to being even more communicative while they are resolved. 

  • We also commit to (if need be) helping supplement the Co-Op with Revenue from other product sales in order to keep the Co-Op on schedule if sales do not immediately match out projections. 

  • We commit to being one of your favorite brands on Kickfurther in terms of reliability of performance AND communication. 

This co-op will be for the independent publisher IFSTA (International Fire Service Training Association) and their collection of fire safety and training manuals, and for Boy Scouts of America and their handbooks. These are popular sellers on our Amazon page, and we want to keep ourselves in stock so sales momentum can continue to grow! This co-op will fund a reorder of several IFSTA and Boy Scouts of America titles, including:

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To further mitigate risk we will be using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to store, insure, ship, and handle customer service for the majority of this co-op. We have enough historical and current sales data on these Amazon listings to have confidence in our forecasting. In addition, the owner of the business has signed a personal guarantee for the Co-Op obligations. 

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