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Helping Families Travel Light This Summer CO-OP #3

Denver, CO

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23.63% Annualized $7.91 profit per pack

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This deal will cover a different SKU from the same production run as our currently ongoing Co-Op. We've already completed our first Co-Op and we'd like to share a little more about our strategy for using Kickfurther. 

Being in our 6th year, Safe Ride 4 Kids is on track for our best summer sales season ever and, with your help, we are looking to bolster our inventory in preparation. It is our intention, by this time next year (or sooner), to have successfully completed a series of Co-Ops and subsequently secured Exclusive USA Distributorship of the RideSafer Vest from the manufacturer. This will turn our biggest competitor, Amazon, into our customer. We will need to have an estimated $400K in inventory funding available to meet the manufacturer's criteria.  We intend for our KickFurther fans/buyers to play an instrumental role in making this a reality. In the meantime we are incorporating Kickfurther into our existing financing strategy and developing relationships that will pave the way to make this quantum leap in our business possible. 

Safe Ride 4 Kids (SR4K) is on a mission to save lives and simplify transporting our kids. Why?  Because driving is the most dangerous activity we and our children are exposed to every day. We help families Make Every Arrival a Safe Arrivalâ„¢

This is our third KickFurther Co-Op and this Co-Op will help us bolster our inventory and maintain healthy cash flow. Thank you!! With this Co-Op you will be purchasing just one of the twelve variables of Size/Color/Model of our most popular product.  The product is currently on hand with our 3PL partner and we have already issued our first payment to Kickfurther for sales on the style covered by our 2nd Co-Op. We plan to sell the product primarily through online channels including our website: and our Amazon Seller Central platform (79% and 21% historically). We have a dominant SEO position and are confident in our ability to move product according to our projections.

For the past five years Safe Ride 4 Kids has been introducing parents (and other caregivers) to amazing car-seat safety products that make their lives easier and safer. Our sales have increased nicely from just $52,840 in 2013 to more than $620,000 in 2017.

The target market for just this one product is more than 12 million potential users and so far, only tens of thousands have been reached but they LOVE it! (This product fits children 3yrs - 10yrs and there are about 32M children in that age range in the USA.) We believe this product is exiting the "early adopter" phase and SR4K is positioned as the #1 seller in the USA with 51% of all USA sales in 2016. In 2018/2019, with your future help, we intend to act on an offer from the RideSafer Vest manufacturer to secure exclusive USA distributorship. The sooner we are able to do this, the sooner we will turn Amazon from being our #1 competition into being a Safe Ride 4 Kids customer.

Thank you for being part of our success! 

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