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Jacksonville, FL

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24.48% Annualized $1.1100 for every $1.00

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GloDea is a design company based in Jacksonville, FL. Our XQuare Furniture collection has a unique style and is 100% Made in USA with eco friendly wood & recycable packaging! You can learn more about us and see our full collection on our website.

We are requesting funds to purchase beautiful Long Leaf Pine wood from Alabama, stainless steel hardware and other materials we need to craft and complete our trendy furniture collection! Most of our pieces are utilized outdoors therefore the Spring and Summer are the high selling season. We need to have inventory ready to quickly ship the increasing number of orders on time.

  • Our eco friendly wood is delivered to us 4 weeks after we place an order.

  • We need between 2-4 weeks to produce the inventory described.

  • Most of our customers pay us in Net 30 days.

  • We organize a lot of Spring sales with our partners during the high season. So we expect to sell over 50% of our goal before June is over and get paid by the end of the same month.

  • We created the coupon code "kickfurther10" that offers 10% off and Free Shipping to all Kickfurther fans and friends on any pruchase on our website. Feel free to share it with all your friends! The coupon is valid until July 31st 2016.

  • Also we will offer a special 25% off and Free Shipping to all our backers! That's a best friend deal! :)

Bench X60, Chair X36 & Chair X45 in Light Brown Finish

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