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Hello Kickfurther Community... we are excited to work with you!  We are the creators of the patented and award-winning SurfShelf product that safely and securely attaches any laptop or tablet computer to most any treadmill, elliptical trainer or exercise bike.  It allows you to watch online TV or movies, Facebook, email, sports highlights or even do a little work all while getting fit.

We have been selling the SurfShelf on Amazon for 8 years now with $250K of annual revenue in 2015 and 20% year-over-year sales growth.  We also sell in Sears. Our forecasts are extremely accurate due to the 8 years of sales data and we will sell over 3000 SurfShelfs on Amazon from Dec-Mar this season (>$120K in revenue).  It's a great selling holiday gift plus a huge New Year's resolution targeted product for those who want to get into shape. 

We already have 2000 units on order so we need another 1000 units to make sure we don't run out. Incase you were wondering, Kickfurther users will be paid back on the first 1000 units sold :).  We're on track to have the best year in sales yet!

Below are 2 sales reports from our Amazon dashboard.  The first shows total 2015 SurfShelf sales and the second shows SurfShelf sales from last Dec-Mar period (the same period as this co-op).

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In case the print is too small on the above image, a total of 6,145 SurfShelfs were sold on Amazon in 2015 resulting in $245,308 in revenue.

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In case the print is too small on the above image, a total of 2788 SurfShelfs were sold on Amazon last Dec-Mar season resulting in $111,380 in revenue.

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Freewell is excited to work with the Kickfurther community not only to help fund our inventory needs, but to also get involved with such a forward thinking community. We have several other products in our current line up as well as several more in development... all of which we are excited to work with you on.

Thanks for your consideration... it means more to us than you know.

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