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Flavored Water for Major Grocery Retailers

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22.23% Annualized $5.99 profit per pack

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Hello KF Buyers, 

We are A & G Food Distributors LLC and, we are pleased to be back after our successful first campaign with the Kickfurther community. We are coming back to fund a few flavors of our water to a couple different grocery buyers including Wakefern (also known as Shoprite, who we fulfilled to on our first Co-Op) and Kings, an upscale grocery chain in the Northeast. 

Currently, the raw materials are with the supplier in Italy and they are simply waiting on payment to bottle, package, label the water appropriately. This process should take 7 days from when the money is received. From there it will be put on the boat and sail to the port (approx. 17 days) From there it will be 4 days to clear customs and be picked up to go to the distribution locations. At that point, it will be approximately 10 days for payment to be issued and 3 days for that payment to settle so that we can issue it to Kickfurther

Our need continues to be overwhelmingly for short-term work in progress funding to fulfill orders from major grocery outlets. This order will be very similar to our first KF deal. It will be used to fulfill orders from ShopRite and Kings. The inventory is ready to be produced and shipped to an end client; all that is required is that the supplier is paid the balance owed so that the process can begin. We cannot assign these purchase order to Kickfurther because we working with an invoice factor who currently requires all invoices be processed by them.

This means that we expect to receive payment directly from the factor within days of when our clients are invoiced. This is the same structure we used on our previous Co-Op. 

We are an established business but reasonable and reliable working capital to satisfy purchase orders is a missing ingredient handicapping our growth.

Our expected timeline for completion and payment of this deal is 40 days. We have added 20 days to avoid any unexpected delays for our buyers. 20 days may not seem like a lot, but it's a major increase on our actual expected timeline and we're confident it will be enough for an on time or early payment. This is a smaller deal on a very similar product with an overlapping customer as our previous successful Co-Op, please continue to support our growth!

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