Best of Times LLC

Fall 2018 Co-Op for Existing Inventory Relaunch

San Marcos, CA

Sorry this Co-Op did not reach its funding goal by the time it expired.

Inventory Inspection Type

6.48% Co-Op Profit Margin $16.99 profit per pack

4.4 MonthsDuration


Purchase Methods

*** We have heard community feedback and we understand that we haven't used Kickfurther in a while. This Co-Op is being re-posted with higher profit to attract supporters who have not worked with us  yet. You will have an excellent experience so that we can hope to bring you ***


Thank you for your support on our first two co-ops, which we completed in the past two years.  In talking with the Kickfurther team, we see an opportunity now to use the platform as a primary financing tool for existing inventory and new product to be manufactured in a series of smaller sized co-ops throughout the year.  We have been using Kabbage primarily since our last co-op, during the period when Kickfurther did not support our business model and we think we can replace Kabbage with what we do here on Kickfurther.  We have the track record with the initial co-ops and have always been in good standing with any other cash flow partners, so we hope you will join us to create a winning partnership moving forward.

This inventory has recently arrived and sales and invoicing will begin immediately. There is zero production risk. We've intentionally started with something short, predictable and easy to manage to ensure we are paving the way for a solid relationship repeatable relationship. 

We have many exciting developments including a partnership to OEM our product to an existing licensee of the NCAA and NFL, the sourcing of a real thatch palapa product (will be our new #1 seller) and we will be implementing our own printing operation here in the USA.  

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