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Enhanced Labs is excited to join the Kickfurther Community for our first Co-Op! We are the fastest growing supplement company in the hardcore athletic space. This includes bodybuilding, spartan racing, cross fit, and the certified training space. We look forward to brining the Enhanced vision to the great KF community.

As Enhanced sees the supplement world: too many watered down products with too much margin and not enough science. The solution: build a supplement company from the ground up with athletes and science involved at each step of the process. Make highly effective compounds with all-transparent formulas, no proprietary blends, and with margins that could never be supported in big box chains like Walmart or GNC. Simply said: our products are so effective they cost too much to make to go big box.
The result has been phenomenal. Since launch in 2019 Enhanced has experienced double-digit monthly growth and been recognized in the industry on Generation Iron, Stack3d.com, and Muscular Development as a brand of supplements on the move and with highly effective products. In 2019 we had $189,000 in gross sales, in 2020 we had $1.7 million in gross sales, and thus far in 2021 we have 1.04 million in gross sales! Our Anabolic IV won the 2020 Muscle Building Supplement of the Year from Generation Iron. Our signing of Mr. Olympia 2020 Champion Big Ramy as our primary athlete also made a splash. Be a part of #whatsnext for #teamenhanced. We look forward to maximizing returns for backers commitments and customers supplementation needs!
Enhanced Labs, the Home of Big Ramy

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