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Hello KF Buyers,

Hello Kickfurther community.   We have had previous experiences with crowdfunding projects and we are energized by the feedback and support that a community of backers can provide.  That’s why we are coming to Kickfurther, not just any platform to finance inventory, but one that is based on an active community.

The TreePod Lounger and Cabana are the most successful products we’ve had in our company’s 9 year history.  We launched a Kickstarted campaign last year and raised over 430k in the campaigns (Kickstarter, Indiegogo and BackerKit) selling over 1800 units to 1500 backers.   

In just the last 5 months we have signed important retail accounts such as Academy Sports, Scheels & REI as well as international distributors in Australia, New Zealand & Korea; and we are now close to signing another 4 countries: Canada, Germany, UK and Costa Rica.  We have a product with worldwide appeal.

Spring and Summer are here and we need to bulk up our inventory to meet this demand coming in from different channels.  This Co-Op will cover one container of TreePod Lounger and Cabana that have just arrived in our warehouse and is destined for domestic sales.  Close to 50% of the order is already committed to orders shipping in the next two months. 

We market our products using among other things our brand social media pages

Treepod - 7800+ Likes

Slackline Industries - 57,000+ Likes

Although our Treepod productline is young we are an established business who understand our sector and how to manage our cash flow. Our other brand is established and provides Canaima with consistent revenue for years. This revenue can help support this Co-Op in the event that the treepods do not move as quickly as we project. Our revenue in the past 12 months is well over 1 million dollars. We have signed a personal guarantee and also signed an authorization with regard to our third party warehouse so that Kickfurther will have visibility into inventory levels.

Because we have strong experience with rewards crowdfunding we know about the importance of communication. We will provide regular updates on at least a monthly basis as well as seek to address your questions in a timely manner as they may arise. 

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