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BioMemory Foam Pillows

Long Beach, NY

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10.44% Co-Op Profit Margin $45.06 profit per pack

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Sleep Biologics Inc is proud to introduce our BioPosture brand to the Kickfurther community. We're excited to use Kickfurther to help us fund our inventory of our popular BioMemory Foam Traditional Pillow and our BioMemory Foam Cervical (Wave) Pillows and hope this will be the start of many opportunities with this community

This campaign will fund our pillows which are manufactured in the USA allowing us to produce our products quickly and get them into the hands of our eager customers. Producing domestically also allows us to avoid the headaches many are facing with shipping from overseas.

The sleep industry is booming as doctors and consumers realize that sleep is a biological need that is vital to the maintenance of optimal health. There is a growing awareness among health conscious consumers of the importance of good quality sleep and the critical role it plays in regulating immune function, metabolism, and influencing memory learning and recovery. This critical need is the basis behind the design of our BioPosture Mattresses and Pillows.

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