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Kickfurther is the best way for fans to support the brands and products they love while also making money in the process. Fans who use Kickfurther have made over $4.22M by supporting over 349 Brands! Now Jim Washok is asking for your support and offering an opportunity to earn money with them.

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    Contribute to the brands you choose and promote their products. The quicker they sell their product, the quicker you earn your co-op profit margin.

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    As a brand sells their products, you earn the promised co-op profit margin in return for your support.

Business Co-Ops Funded
Amount of Payouts
24.38 %
Average Annualized Co-Op Profit margin for Buyers

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"Your platform is truly revolutionary, something like this is going to change the game. PO financing through banks and other financial institutions is going to be a thing of the past."

Raised $40,898.49

"Kickfurther gave me the flexibility I needed to confidently open my third retail location. This has been the best and easiest funding process I've experienced."

Marlie Madison
Raised $19,596.58

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