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How It Works

Kickfurther is the best way for fans to support the brands and products they love while also making money in the process. Fans who use Kickfurther have made over $18.26M by supporting over 597 Brands! Now elasticwonder is asking for your support and offering an opportunity to earn money with them.

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    Contribute to the brands you choose and promote their products. The quicker they sell their product, the quicker you earn your co-op profit margin.

  • Earn Co-Op Profit Margin with elasticwonder

    As a brand sells their products, you earn the promised co-op profit margin in return for your support.

Business Co-Ops Funded by Buyers
In Payouts to Buyers
27.42 %
Average Annualized Profit Earned by Buyers.

Elastic 's Co-Op

  • Promised Co-Op Profit Margin

    Elastic is offering co-op profit to their fans. As the brand’s product sells, you earn this co-op profit with them on a monthly basis.

  • Term Length

    How long until the brand has completely paid back their fans for their support.

  • Raise Amount

    Elastic is requesting $175925 to help fund their inventory and grow their business.

  • See Their Co-Op

We are back turning to the KF community to finance a Purchase Order for the 2nd quarter 2017

$175,925 of $175,925 pledged

527 Days Left

7% Co-Op Profit



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