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Growing product brands need more money to scale their business and they want to partner with you rather than the banks.



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How It Works

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Each brand has a proven track record of sales and is looking for more inventory to meet customer demand. In order to meet this demand, brands request our community to purchase their inventory in something called a Co-Op (short for Consignment Opportunity). Examine the different Co-Ops to find out how much profit you could earn, how long it will take to earn that profit, and the credibility metrics of each brand.

Purchase Inventory

When you purchase inventory for a brand, you play a part in online consignment. In online consignment, you own the products you helped fund until they are sold by the brand through their existing sales channels, yourself, or other Kickfurther users. As soon as the products you helped fund sell, you earn payments

Earn Profit

Every Co-Op you buy into has a specific profit. As the product sells, you earn your share of the profit. You have the ability to sell the products alongside the brand with your own Kickfurther store alongside the brand selling the products as they normally would. The sooner the inventory sells, the sooner you earn your profit. Select which brands to partner with, sell the products alongside the brand, and earn your profit. It’s that simple.



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If you’re thinking about either starting to make money online or want to add additional revenues to what you’re already doing, you need to check out Kickfurther.”

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