Wetsox launches their 4th Co-Op on Kickfurther!

New York, NY


Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Visibility Type

18.75% Annualized $10.97 profit per pack

6.1 MonthsCo-Op Completed

40% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello Kickfurther Buyers!

We have relaunched this Co-Op with a slightly shorter timeline and a higher profit. Our production is already underway and so we are further along in the production process than when we launched the previous Co-Op. 

WETSOX is back and excited to use Kickfurther again. After completing our first co-op early (over 45 days early!) we participated as a test business in the Inventory Visibility tests conducted by Kickfurther in the summer of 2017(one of only 5 test businesses). We have recently completed our obligation for Co-Op 3 Kickfurther 2 months in advance of our scheduled completion date and are now excited to get to work with you the Kickfurther community again!

This co-op (our 4th!) will cover a portion of our established products as well as the latest product innovation: Our 100% breathable, 100% waterproof 'EXPLORE MORE' socks- which will expand our market into general outdoors. We're looking forward to solid growth in this area. We'll also be funding our 98% UVB protect (all day / wet or dry) shirt line, comprised of Hybrid T's, Long Sleeve T's, Sun Sleeves and Rash Guards. Using super soft Cationic fibers and a beautiful tri-blend design- these are going to be the most technical layers in the outdoors and provide 50+ UPF protection. 

Our production is already underway and Kickfurther will reimburse us for payments made to the supplier.  

This is the same supplier who was used during the Kickfurther test co-op where inventory was delivered on schedule.

We are confident in the sales of our funded inventory, but we have multiple successful SKUs that will produce additional revenue we can use to supplement payouts if we fall behind for any reason. 

Some things to know about us:

-15% or above Month over Month growth, for 16 consecutive months

-Shipping over 1500 units a month

-Our Amazon Channel has tripled this year

-After adding over 300 retail stores in the last 12 months we are now experiencing our first wave of reorders

- 3 Co-ops all completed ahead of schedule. 

See the timeline for our contractual payout schedule, but keep in mind we have a history of underpromising and overdelivering! As usual, we have set a conservative payout schedule that we plan to meet or exceed.

Thanks for your continued support!

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