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16% Co-Op Profit Margin $1.1600 for every $1.00

12 MonthsDuration


Purchase Methods

Vaportini has launched a marketing campaign that involves celebrity endorsements, product placement within popular television shows and films, and demonstrations by YouTube stars on their shows. This is the biggest marketing campaign that Vaportini has ever put together and from past experience, it will result in sales that will deplete our current inventory. In 2016 over 20 million viewers will be exposed to Vaportini. We plan on ordering twice that of our last order which was approximately 10,000 units. It takes 6 months to produce and delivery 20,000 units and our current inventory of 5,000 units, plus accessories should carry us to that point, however, we may still have a shortfall before the next shipment arrives, as we ramp up marketing efforts. 

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