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Top Dawg Electronics, one of the leaders in the the dash camera & collision avoidance product industries within the trucking industry is going to be first to market with the EagleEye Triple Dash Cam.  We recently finished our first co-op with Kickfurther and we had great success. We raised over $75,000 on our first co-op and we paid this $75,000 back in about 3 months, 2 weeks before the expected payback date! We also fell in love with the Kickfurther community with many of the backers giving us great advice! Because of this, we have decided to launch a 2nd co-op with Kickfurther on one of our most exciting product we have ever launched!

We will be the only company in the USA selling a simple, easy to install dash cam, that will record 3 viewpoints at the same time. This unit will have a front facing 1080P dash cam with large 3.0" LCD and include 2 external waterproof cameras with a 45' cable, which will allow you to record 3 viewpoints at the same time in a simple dash cam! Our truck driver customers will install the front facing dash cam on the windshield to record everything that they see and hear and then they will install each of the 2 waterproof cameras on each mirror, pointing backwards, to record what happens on each side of their vehicle! 

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We have sold tens of thousands of dash cams in the trucking channel and we recently surveyed our existing customers on this Triple Dash Cam, and here were the results:

  • 13% would buy this dash cam immediatley, if available, even though, they already have a dash cam

  • 46% would buy this dash cam within 6 months

  • 32% is interested in this dash cam, just not sure when they would buy it

  • 9% would not buy this product

  • Summary: 91% are interested in buying this dash cam at some point

Also, in the last 7 days, we have put this product on our website and we have already sold over $6,000 worth of dash cams with a delivery date of 6-8 weeks, with very little marketing. We have also sold over 60 units to a few dealers of ours! As of 11/16, we have presold 80 of the 500 units we are ordering and we have a goal to presell at least 250 of the 500 units before we receive the shipment!

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