TidyBoard Co-Op 2

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10.28% Co-Op Profit Margin $5.69 profit per pack

6.5 MonthsDuration


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Welcome to TidyBoard™

TidyBoard™ has invented a unique way for you to organize and prepare food.  TidyBoard™ was invented by Mark Van Velzen, Matthew Charles and William Charles in San Francisco, CA.  TidyBoard™ will change the way you experience a cluttered cutting board by organizing food preparation and scraps like never seen before. 
TidyBoard™ started business June, 15th 2020 and presold over 6,000 in 50 states and in over 50 countries in 30 days.  We advertised for 3 months before halting advertising so we could catch up with manufacturing and fulfillment.  Revenue in 3 months was over $712,000.  

We began selling on Shopify on March 28th, 2021 and had great success with over 5,000 sold to date with revenue over $512,000.  On June 15th we had to reduce our advertising presence to not sell out of our inventory before we receive our next shipment.  Once our advertising company got going the demand has been incredible with over 3,000 sold between May 14th-June 14th  and we were only selling via Shopify in the US and Canada.  We are working with our Amazon partner and will be launching on Amazon within the next month. 

Our next purchase order is executed for 14,000 TidyBoard™ sets and our manufacturer has received the raw materials to start manufacturing in late July.  We are being conservative with our timeline and have addressed any concerns regarding Covid-19 and delays in ocean freight.  We will start receiving shipments in late October. TidyBoard™ will use the funds to help pay for a portion of our current purchase order and expand our business.  Thank you to our Co-Op #1 funders! We were extremely happy that are success allowed us to pay our Kickfurther obligations 2 months ahead of the payment timeline.    

We are receiving a lot of inquiries for wholesaling in the European Union, Taiwan, China, Japan and several other countries.  It is exciting times at TidyBoard! 
We look forward to expanding our domestic and international sales and anticipate 2021 revenue between $2,000,000-$2,500,000 and 2022 revenue between $4,000,000 and $5,000,000.   


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