Brooklyn Copper Cookware, Ltd

The Very Finest Cooking Tools, Made in America.

Brooklyn, New York


14.07% Annualized$1.0900 for every $1.00

7.8 MonthsCo-Op Completed

17% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

We would like to factor our latest inventory of heavyweight, hand-made copper cookware, for which we have fully paid and which is being prepared for shipping from our warehouse in Lima, OH. This is our second inventory after re-launching in November of 2015. Our first production run was effectively presold by the time we completed tooling, enabling us to manage cash-flow by calculating very closely quantities needed to satisfy demand. First run revenue capitalized our second, larger production run in addition to remaining design costs on the next phase of tooling development, as well as daily operating expenses.

Factored capital for this second inventory will be directed to development and execution of our marketing campaign, including creation of visual assets, social media placement, market research and customer relationship management. We are the only manufacturer of solid copper cookware inthe US, and we work at the very top of the market. We state our core marketing message unequivically on our home page: "From our hands to yours, we bring you simply the finest cooking tools ever made." 

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