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Tayama Appliance Joins Kickfurther

City of industry, CA


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6.75% Co-Op Profit Margin $17.60 profit per pack

4.5 MonthsDuration


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Hello Kickfurther!

Tayama is excited to join the Kickfurther platform with our first Co-Op. We started our company in 2015 and have grown very quickly since then. We are a family-run business, led by Phi Dang and her father Lee Wu. Our products range from cookers, cooktops, and grills to blenders and kettles! We sell both direct to consumer through Amazon as well as to a number of different retailers through our wholesale channels. 

Check out our Amazon store here to see our products and very strong reviews! We also have the "Amazon's Choice" badge continue to gain popularity through that channel. 

Our manufacturing is done through our supplier in China. We have worked with them for many years now, making our supply chain very reliable and predictable.

In the last 12 months, our sales have exceeded $1.8MM. In order to anticipate the continued growth, we plan to build a relationship with the backers here on Kickfurther through this first Co-Op. We are financing some of our best selling rice cookers and convection cookers. Our projections are conservative and we plan to complete early or on time. 

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