Sullivans Distribution Inc

Sullivans Distribution Inc. is going retail!

Bloomingburg, NY

Sorry this Co-Op did not reach its funding goal by the time it expired.

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16.53% Co-Op Profit Margin $12.53 profit per pack

9.8 MonthsDuration


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Sullivans Distribution is excited to announce we're entering the retail space with Target, Kohl's and Meijer Supermarkets!  While we continue to thrive on Amazon, with over 20 thousand reviews averaging 4.6 stars, entering the retail space should only help to fuel this rocketship!

We are the license holder, publisher, and distributor of the very popular card game brand 'Kids Against Maturity', a fast-growing brand with a ever-expanding fan base of kids, teens, and lots of adults. Think 'Cards Against Humanity" for a younger audience. The game is in high demand, being a top 100 game on Amazon.
This Co-Op will fund the brand new retail edition of Kids Against Maturity, now with illustrations!  Like our previous co-ops with Kickfurther, we expect to beat our schedule on backer payments as well. These orders are approved and ready to go, look for us in the upcoming fall holiday season at your nearest Target, Miejers, or Kohls!

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