Staple BRYLAND Polo shirts with the patented Secret Loop! Navy, White, Pink and Yellow

New York, NY

Total Raised
Total Payout

10.02% Annualized $1.1400 for every $1.00

17 MonthsCo-Op Completed

9% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hi Kickfurther!

We're back after our first successful co-op and now we're headed for the big time. As we turn the corner from a small startup to a full-fledged fashion brand, we're faced with two new challenges.

First, we need to place our orders well in advance of each season so that our factory can ensure they carve out time for us, and deliver on-time for our stores. You only get one chance with some of these bigger retailers so it's important not to be late.

Second, buyers are asking us "What's next?" and we're determined to respond with some awesome new garments. We can't give too much away but imagine the Bryland concept of "classic styles hybridized with modern utility" built into some other items that you wear frequently. Remember at Bryland it's paramount to feel comfortable not only physically inside your clothes, but confident in your appearance. That's what we'll be bringing to sport coats, hoodies, shorts, pants, and more. But we wouldn't ask you to take that leap with us. We want to allocate OUR revenue to these new products while using YOUR support to produce the staple items that are already flying off the shelf, ie. POLOS.

The track record for our patented polos is what makes them a perfect fit for the KickFurther community. You guys fund the sure thing while we go out and develop new products with our dough.

Sound like a partnership you can get into? JOIN US!

Bryland for KickFurther 2.0 from Bryland on Vimeo.

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