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SODO Apparel's 3rd Raise on Kickfurther!

Seattle, WA

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10.49% Co-Op Profit Margin $7.97 profit per pack

6.3 MonthsDuration


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Hello KF Buyers,

We listened to the KF community.  

End Result:  This Co-Op has been amended with these updated features, based on the valuable feedback.

  • Significantly Lower Pack Size

  • Higher Profit

  • Lower Total Raise

  • Shorter Raise Period

SODO returns to the Kickfurther platform to help finance our growth in 2018. For those of you who don't know us we completed our first Co-Op with a payout of $50,705.87 three months ahead of schedule in February 2016. We completed our second Co-Op with a payout of $283,712.47 two weeks ahead of schedule in October 2016. We're excited to be back for a third raise on the Kickfurther platform.  We value our long relationship with the Kickfurther community.

SODO seeks to fund inventory in our best selling styles. This production will be done by a manufacturer we have worked with for over 3 years. We still use the same fabric mills we have been using since day 1 in order to maintain our incredibly high quality standards. 

SODO has continued to expand its presence in the marketplace with its world-class retail partners like NordstromAmazon, and REI This inventory will be sold primarily through Nordstrom and Amazon.

The purpose of raising capital on Kickfurther is to free up working capital to grow our Direct To Consumer (DTC) model. Analyzing the performance metrics we've grown the SODO guest base to date through introduction at retail partners and organically word of mouth.  Now we plan to spend dollars on marketing to expand our DTC business model which yields SODO the highest margins. Although we are confident we can raise our DTC sales this way, our payout schedule is based on the assumption that sales stay flat. Any increase will be good news for SODO buyers!

SODO Key Metrics:

  • 73% repurchase rate from guests within six months 

  • 82% of revenue at full price

  • 11% return rate

  • $235 Average Per Order Revenue. This has increased 64% from our first KF offer (was $143 Average Per Order Revenue).

  • $105 Average Per Unit Revenue

We've treated Kickfurther Backers well in the past and we'll continue to do so again.  This mirrors our product and company reviews.

Thank you for considering our Co-Op and please do NOT hesitate to ask questions in the comments!

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