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Second Campaign! Three 100% Pre-Ordered direct-to-customer orders

Montclair, NJ

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13.48% Annualized $1.0800 for every $1.00

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16% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

After paying back our first Kickfurther campaign early, Glamour Dolls is back with a new offer to fund pre-sold inventory that is shipping direct to customer warehouses.  We are asking for your support in raising money to finance production on three purchase orders (which we've submitted to Kickfurther) from two major trade partners. The products are shipping directly to their warehouses and 100% of the production cost is covered by the orders.

Thank you to everyone who supported our last campaign, we hope to work with you again on this one!

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Glamour Dolls ( is a fast growing cosmetics line that fills a mass market demand for cruelty free, on-trend, quality makeup at the <$5 price point. Our makeup is carried in a number of regional and nationwide retailers and has been picked up for distribution throughout Europe by EMN. Since you helped support our last campaign, we have signed contracts with Walmart and a nationwide manufacturers rep. Thank you for being a part of our success story.

We currently have PO financing, but this offer will help us to better allocate cashflow and lower cost of capital so that we continue growing smoothly without tying up our available credit on pre-sold inventory.

Gloss Snob (Product Page) is one of our fastest moving products both online and in stores. It is consistently sold out and on back-order and this offer will finance two large, custom-color runs for some of our biggest customers.

Blending Brush #10 - Whale Print is a custom makeup blending brush that is a design-to-order product from our customer 

Once we are funded, our manufacturing lead time is 45 days + 30 days for transport and warehouse delivery. To get a feel for the brand, check out our pre-launch event with Mandee's at NY Barclay's Center: 

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