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Scottish Specialty Foods joins Kickfurther for 1st Spring Co-Op!!!

Charlotte NC

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7.11% Co-Op Profit Margin $63.28 profit per pack

4.6 MonthsDuration


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Our company has specialized in the importation of food, beverage and candies made by Scottish companies. We have been doing this for almost 20 years.
Everybody has a sweet tooth!  So, one of our most successful products is fudge candy made by a family owned business - Gardiner's of Scotland.  

Their signature candy is a vanilla fudge, individually wrapped in bite size pieces.  Other candies are flavored with Whisky, Rum, Chocolate, Sea Salt, Ginger and Strawberry etc. But what makes their candies stand out even more is the packaging. The uniquely embossed tins, in a wide range of themes, make great collectibles. Themes include wildlife, pets, landscapes, distilleries. One of our most popular tins is the "Thank You for looking after my Dog" tin. All their designs are created with gift shops in mind. Many of the tins appeal to children (although parents will be responsible for rationing the contents!!).

We are adding a new product, Baileys Irish Cream fudge, this year but to help our cashflow for the purchase of our already successful and well established range, funds will be used to ease the short term cashflow. Our supplier does provide us with generous payment terms to allow for 3-4 week transit period from their factory to our warehouse.  The products are sold through several channels, such as Amazon, Walmart,,  and a large group of independent retailers and specialty gift shops, as well as our retail website,  We work with several brokers throughout the US and reward them with generous sales commissions.

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