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Hello KF buyers,

Launched in 2005, Sara Happ Inc., is a leading brand in the prestige skin care & beauty sector focused on lips. We laumched with the very first ever Lip Scrub and got picked up in People Magazine along with other amazing press and celebrity pick up.  Today, trademarked “The Lip Expert” we produce lip beauty and treatment products in the US and via 3- channels of distribution: Direct-to-consumer, retail distribution, and TV/Streaming Video via QVC and Beauty IQ.  In late 2017 we launched on QVC, in 2018 we launched on and had huge success, so they brought us in-store in March 2019.  We just signed to launch on this Q4.   In 2018 we did $2.5M in net revenue (tax returns uploaded on the platform). We're estimating roughly $3M for 2019.  Future growth will come from expanded U.S. distribution, and interantional. We've been approached by International distributors, which is in our plan for 2020. 

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Sara raised $19k to launch her company in 2006, and since then has been operating profitably year over year.  We've spent nothing in marketing to-date.  All the press and influencer and social media growth we've had has been organic.  The holiday season is approaching and we have two special holiday kits PO's to fill.  We're creating a holiday set for QVC and another for all our other retailers, including our own website.  

 We are using Kickfurther to fulfill on our holiday orders, to fuel our growth while we pursue equity investment to take our business to the next level. 

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