Q1 2016 Marketing Funding - $20k

Broomfield, Co

Total Raised
Total Payout

33.18% Annualized $1.1500 for every $1.00

5.5 MonthsCo-Op Completed

84% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

This first offer is to raise money for an upcoming tradeshow during Q1 of 2016. Currently, we have over $500,000 of inventory that we are looking to create orders for and we are confident that we will be able to pay back this first offer in a timely manner just out of our current sales.

In terms of the product, mcSquares are best understood when seeing them in action. There are 2 videos below to showcase them: mcSquares in action (no audio) and mcSquares in the classroom!

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