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Phat Scooters Co-Op 8 - Black Frame HD + CORPORATE GUARANTEE


Sorry this Co-Op did not reach its funding goal by the time it expired.

Inventory Inspection Type

7.51% Co-Op Profit Margin $88.87 profit per pack

4.7 MonthsDuration


Purchase Methods

Hello KF,

We are back! We decided to run the black units through KF as well. As you all know sales have exploded (2020 ended at over $8M - up from $2.7M in 2019) and our trailing 12 month is now $9.7M.

The TV Show will go live on July 15th on Crackle and we are pumped!

After our last payoff we really got dialed in and sales took off. 

Just like last time our largest investor Precedo Capital is giving a corporate guarantee on this deal.

We moved last fall into a big beautiful 48,000 square foot facility and we have been able to reduce our throughput times for production by 80%!! So we are ready for the big leagues!

Speaking of - our TV show - Riding Phat goes live in July on the Crackle streaming network broadcast to over 60M subscribers. So we need more inventory. And this time we are moving some production and all of assembly here in the Southwest. 

Here is an episode preview
And the sizzle reel. 

Stars appearing in this season - Jeremy Renner, Craig Jackson, Lil Jon, Tedy Bruschi, Dominique Wilkins and Michael Waltrip. 

We have what are calling our hybrid models coming in July. Mexican frames and accessories (through the Mexico America Trade Agreement), electronics from China. The new model prototypes are insane - we already build the best electric two wheeler on this market - and this new unit is a big improvement (twice the hill climb, more accessories, easier to build, a larger capacity battery and the ability to program the units for the conditions.) This is the second of two Spring 2021 Co-Ops, to fund our white frame units.

For those unfamiliar with us. Here is some background on our company:

Our business has been built on our strong reputation as the "Mercedes Benz of Electric Scooters" attested to by our customer from PGA Pro Pat Perez, to William Murray Golf and The Chive (images below) to Golden Tate of the Detroit Lions, Ricky Fowler, Rascal Flats, Jeremy Renner, Dominique Wilkins, Dan + Shay, Darius Rucker, Rowdy the mascot for the Dallas Cowboys, Kona Brewing, Dak Prescott and more than 150 other high profile celebrities as paying customer.

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